Remote Working Solutions

Remote Working Solutions

Remote Working Solutions

Today's industry leading remote working solutions allow businesses to run software applications from anywhere in the world.

Utilising either Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services, or Citrix’s XenApp Server, the end result is that users experience real-time access to run their applications as fast as, if not quicker than if they were operating from within the office, all accessed through their web browser.

How Do I Access My Applications?

Whether you are using a mobile phone, regular broadband or leased lines to access the service remotely, you will be able to work seamlessly and efficiently wherever you are connected.

How Does This Service Work?

Once installed, the service allows multiple users to run multiple applications on a server at the same time. When you run applications on the server, only screen shots are received on your computer and, in return, your keyboard input and mouse movements are sent out to the server. This low bandwidth usage is what makes Citrix and Remote Desktop Services so effective and this is what now allows you to work efficiently, even over slow internet connections.

What are the requirements for the user?

Most computers that have an internet connection can be used including: