Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Plan B

Although disasters are best avoided wherever possible through careful planning, some events cannot always be anticipated (e.g. fire, flood, etc). In such events disaster recovery planning is essential for any business that wishes to keep downtime to a minimum. We offer various services (e.g. redundant domain controllers, offsite data storage, backup power supplies, etc) to ensure effective and rapid recovery for your critical business processes.

Our disaster recovery services are delivered as an automated solution built on our Cloud Infrastructure and backup platform utilising storage and replication technologies to deliver advanced DR management and automation for your physical or virtual infrastructure.

We are also able to work closely with any internal IT staff to evaluate and enhance existing disaster recovery solutions if required.

Automated Backup Services

Our backup and DRS services offer automatic backup and data recovery with data being encrypted and stored in two separate data centres at any one point in time, using industry standard software from Attix5 and Asigra. The backup service is completely flexible and scalable to meet the needs of changing data storage requirements.