Network Design and Setup

Network Design

Whether you are a small business needing to implement a reliable IT infrastructure or a larger business needing to stabilise your network or relocate offices, we can provide you with the technical assistance needed to maintain/implement your IT requirements. We work closely with you to design a network according to your budget, specification and requisite.

Outsourced Assistance

We can also provide assistance to existing internal IT staff who may not have enough time to deal with complex problems or who may feel under-resourced when faced with the task of a relocation or a network reorganisation. We are partnered with industry leaders in order to offer a more complete solution to our clients and have extensive experience with applications and platforms from Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, Symantec, Veritas, VMware and many others.

Network Setup

We have the knowledge and experience necessary to implement your network, designed and tailored for your businesses requirements. We have the skills and experience in installing and maintaining a variety of LAN/WAN environments and focus on delivering a robust and reliable system within the client's specifications and budget. Our engineers have years of experience in the field and can communicate with you and your staff in order to ensure a smooth transition from your current IT infrastructure to a more stable and secure one.

Network and Server Security

Network Priorities

System security is a high priority on any network to protect data and prevent external instrusion. We ensure that all external connections are fully encrypted and secure, firewalls are correctly configured and that no unauthorised remote access is allowed. We are partnered with leading security software and firewall providers and offer a range of products to keep your network safe.

Network Support

The Right Skills

We offer full server support for new and established networks in all areas of London and the South East of England. Server support includes network planning, cabling, network installation, disaster recovery, proactive server monitoring, configuration of MS-Exchange, Active Directory, remote VPN access and other advanced services.

Pro-Active Maintenance

Pro-actively maintaining your network involves making sure vital resources such as server services, network devices, e-mail, backups, databases, intranets and websites are properly monitored and kept up-to-date in order to keep your network stable and to ensure minimum downtime.

Remedial Maintenance

In the event of problems arising we provide a rapid response for on-site and remote remedial support to resolve matters as quickly as possible.

Support services

Our Support Services Include:

Network Audit Services

Business Security

The consequences of an insecure network to a business can be catastrophic, causing downtime and/or data loss, with sensitive data liable to possible theft.

Our network audit delivers a thorough in depth analysis of your current infrastructure and provides the recommended solutions to be implemented in order to make sure that your business is fully secured.

We are also able to work closely with any internal IT staff and assist with the implementation of those solutions if required.

CORE Audit Components

You may be changing provider or just relocating and feel the need to ensure that all your assets are secured from any/all potential threats and for this reason we provide the network audit so that you can be confident that your computer network is in the state it should be in.