Whether you require staff to join your IT team or manage the IT department, we can source personnel guaranteed to be fit for purpose.

CDS IT Resources is part of the well-established CORE Data Systems company, and applies this expertise to the sourcing of technical staff.

How Did the CDS IT Resources Division Evolve?

Comprehensive experience of delivering IT Support services has resulted in the formation of CDS IT Resources. This service provision was designed to cater for our clients’ bespoke needs - fulfilling all of their key technical and operational resourcing requirements.

What Our Service Is Not

CDS provides technical evaluation and sourcing services unlike any other currently available. We are not an agency based organisation, and not associated with any recruitment agency or related business.

Why Not a Recruitment Agency

For typical recruitment agencies, including those claiming to specialise in the IT industry, placement of personnel is the main activity and revenue generator. We do not believe that principle works reliably or in the best interests of the client.

There is a fundamental conflict of interest with such organisations completely dependent upon placement of people to survive, in many cases regardless of fitness for purpose. Inevitably, candidates will be put forward that have not been properly screened and therefore often not fit for purpose whilst still generating a commission for the agency.

Money back guarantees offer no reassurance of quality of candidate and cut price fees should be even more off-putting for the serious employer looking for quality technical personnel.

Quality of Service

How will this service ensure the appointment of top quality, fully competent and dependable staff?

Our methods guarantee fit for purpose and full competency.

Why Us

CORE Data Systems is an IT support and software development company specialising in providing commercial IT services through to all levels of programming and web development.

We are extremely selective and know precisely what to look for when selecting potential candidates, whether a basic first line engineer or junior developer, or a highly experienced network manager or advanced programmer.

Our main focus is to provide these services to our clients directly using the best people available to us in the industry. For more information on how we can assist with your sourcing and evaluation of technical staff please contact us.